June 18, 2023

No Pants, No Problem…Free Week of Virtual Training!

Have you heard about CaPow The Trainer’s VIRTUAL personal training?!

We’ve been low-key doing virtual training for a while now, but it’s going so well for our current clients that we’re ready to go big and announce it to the world!

We want to offer you the chance to give it a shot risk-free, so click the button below to set up a FREE WEEK on the app!

Here are some of the benefits of virtual training:

  • Expertise of a personal trainer right from your phone/tablet/compute
  • Complete your workouts on your own time – not what fits the trainer’s availability
  • Every workout includes form tips, video demonstrations, and alternative options
  • Designed to be done at home OR at the gym so you have maximum flexibility
  • Accountability – your trainer sees when you complete your workouts, and when you don’t
  • Regular progress calls or video chats to keep you on track for your goals

Check out the options and choose the Superhero level that’s right for you!

Wonder Woman $295 per month

The Wonder Woman package is our VIP-level tier for providing the maximum customization and support for your workout needs. You’ll receive:

  • Up to 5 workouts per week (exact number determined with your trainer based on your goals, schedule, etc.)
  • Plans fully customized to YOUR workout equipment, injuries, sport-specific training, strength & cardio preferences, plus warm ups and cool downs
  • Weekly 15 minute check-in with your trainer for extra accountability, success planning, progress reports, etc. (Check-ins done via Zoom or phone)
  • Access to your trainer via text or the app between scheduled check-ins 

The Catwoman package is a mid-level tier for most people who want to add in some exercise and accountability, and don’t need a ton of customization. You’ll receive:

  • 4 workouts per week
  • Plans are adaptable to be done at home or in a gym, so you have maximum flexibility
  • Modifications are given for all fitness levels
  • Monthly 30-minute check-in with your trainer to track your progress (Check-ins done via Zoom or phone)
  • Accountability – your trainer sees when you complete a workout… And when you don’t!

Batgirl $105 per month

The Batgirl package is a starter tier for those who have very limited time to commit to exercise and/or want to ramp up slowly to a more frequent schedule. You’ll receive:

  • 2 workouts per week
  • All the same benefits of the Catwoman package

Sign up for your free week now and we’ll reach out to set up an intro call and get you moving!

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