Zyia Active

I LOVE Zyia Active!

I am so excited to share my love for Zyia Active with you!! My name is Cari Powers, aka CaPow the Trainer. I’m a personal trainer and former gym owner, and I’ve been wearing Zyia Active since 2018. I won’t wear ANY other leggings since I discovered Zyia! My personal favorites are anything with stripes or sparkles. I absolutely love this business because of the quality and unique styles of the clothing. I get compliments on my workout and casual Zyia gear ALL. THE. TIME. And since I basically live in active wear, it just made sense to start representing Zyia myself!

Zyia is a premium activewear brand where the colors, styles, and sizes are constantly coming and going! Some styles and sizes will sell out quickly, so if you see something you love in your size, snatch it up quickly because it could be gone by tomorrow! 
If you have questions about styles, fit, or sizing, please send me a message from my contact form, or in my Facebook Zyia VIP page
And if you’re interested in a flexible, fun business that you can run from home, I want to talk to you about joining my team! It’s a fabulous way to earn money and keep yourself stylish in cute, quality active wear!